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BrainWave Dream Inducer ™ app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 8928 ratings )
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Developer: Banzai Labs
1.99 USD
Current version: 7.7, last update: 10 months ago
First release : 30 Jul 2010
App size: 90.82 Mb

7 Advanced Binaural Dream Induction Programs in One App! Dream Inducer combines soothing ambient sounds with powerful binaural sequences to synchronize your brainwaves with frequencies associated with 7 different levels of dreaming. * Universal iOS App supporting iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad HD/SD * Supports iOS 7.0 and higher * Each program includes a sleep induction phase and then introduces progressively higher frequency Alpha, Beta and Theta dream sequences to stimulate increasingly vivid dreams.

** How Binaural Brainwave Entrainment Works **
Through the process of brainwave entrainment human brainwave frequencies can be to synchronize with a frequency corresponding to a target mental state. These Brainwave frequencies are too low for the human ear to hear, however, these low-frequencies can be perceived by the
human brain if two different audible frequencies are played separately into each ear with headphones or earbuds.
For example, the human ear cant directly perceive a 2 Hz Delta-wave frequency
associated with deep sleep, but if you wear headphones with one side playing a 135 Hz tone and the other playing a 137 Hz tone your brain will
perceive the 2 Hz difference between those frequencies as a periodic beat. As you listen your brainwaves will begin to match that frequency, and as a result the
associated state of mind will be induced.

Dream Inducer improves upon basic binaural techniques by layering multiple signals and then assembling these into sequences of programs that combine to create extremely unique experiences.

Pros and cons of BrainWave Dream Inducer ™ app for iPhone and iPad

BrainWave Dream Inducer ™ app good for

works well and helps to relax. Should have subliminal messages for the hypno and lucid part. I used it every day since Ive got it. Sometimes I get scared when the sound changes. All in all a good app.
Forget the blue pill, forget the red pill, this app is one of the best tools to let you discover your personal matrix . Your dreams or your virtual realities can be visited with proper knowledge and training. This app will help with the brain wave portion. meditation and a positive mind set will do the rest. SWEET DREAM!
I have been using this app for over a year. It helps me to fall asleep and it helps create vivid dreams. Does exactly what it claims. I have recommended this app countless times. I am very happy with it.
Awesome app, I used it last night, and I dint get an LD, but my dream recall skyrocketed. Very well made. I plan to use it frequently from now on.
At first I was skeptical if this would work or not, but I can honestly say this app has helped me gain a better nights rest time and time again. Highly recommend to everyone!
This is absolutely the best sleep app available. Ive ended up purchasing all of Brainwaves products. They work AND the updates show a concern to be client-centric.

Some bad moments

2-3 dreams a night that I can remember-this app is worth 100x+ what they are charging. Get it but remember to use headphones. Discomfort of headphones is worth the trouble to travel across space, time & reality. This is a high w/o drugs
Nice concept and the sounds are nice but I used it two nights and neither night did I fall asleep faster (or at all) to the program and had no change in my dreams, neither intensity or actually having them.
Im pretty sure shredding and smoking a dollar would be a better way to try and induce dreams than spending it on this app.
Im in the Air Force and have extremely stressful days and its hard to get to sleep at night, I tried this last night and the craziest dreams, it was awesome. Sooo worth the money.
I work nights. The rest of the family of course operates on a day schedule. As a result sleep has been a challenge. I have tried just about everything you can image to get to sleep, and stay asleep. I have found that this programs "Delta REM" sleep program is extremely effective. To be more precise, it "drops me like a rock"! I have never had an issue of going to sleep with this program. And like I said to helps me stay asleep, without some from of "drug hangover". Literally, some of the best money I ever spent.
So I dont usually write reviews, but I decided that this app deserved one. I set the timer for four hours every night and fall asleep to the sound of rain and thunder. It doesnt always increase dream frequency or intensity, but as an active dreamer who has experimented with lucid dreaming, I have noticed a difference. When it does work, it works very well and even when it doesnt, its still nice to go to sleep to. I highly recommend it for anyone who is interested in this type of thing.

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