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Does what it says on the tin

Simple but effective. A great little app to help relax into sleep. However, only 3 stars because there needs to be more options, like the addition of a reality checker for the day.

Time 4 upgrade

works well and helps to relax. Should have subliminal messages for the hypno and lucid part. I used it every day since Ive got it. Sometimes I get scared when the sound changes. All in all a good app.

Your Matrix

Forget the blue pill, forget the red pill, this app is one of the best tools to let you discover your personal matrix . Your dreams or your virtual realities can be visited with proper knowledge and training. This app will help with the brain wave portion. meditation and a positive mind set will do the rest. SWEET DREAM!


I have been using this app for over a year. It helps me to fall asleep and it helps create vivid dreams. Does exactly what it claims. I have recommended this app countless times. I am very happy with it.


Awesome app, I used it last night, and I dint get an LD, but my dream recall skyrocketed. Very well made. I plan to use it frequently from now on.

A good night rest

When I use it sleep is easier


At first I was skeptical if this would work or not, but I can honestly say this app has helped me gain a better nights rest time and time again. Highly recommend to everyone!


This is absolutely the best sleep app available. Ive ended up purchasing all of Brainwaves products. They work AND the updates show a concern to be client-centric.

Remove this from AppStore!!!

Not even worth to be Free app Want a Refund!!!

Best in class

Have tried all in category and this one is definitely my favorite

truly amazing

i was skeptical at first, sure, but I figured "why not." and if youre thinking of downloading this app, and reading the reviews, youre probably a bit skeptical too. but trust me -- you wont be disappointed. Ive only been using the app for about a week, using the Theta waves setting, and I love it. Im having bright, vivid, realistic dreams every night, and I remember most of them when I wake up. Im planning on working up to lucid dreaming, but even if I dont have any success, Im completely satisfied with this app and how it works.

Amazingly effective

I too was doubtful at first,but I use this app daily now!

It works I think

Just downloaded and used the app. 90 mins later I awake from a dream where I was talking to a coworker. Only I was having trouble hearing him and he was getting frustrated repeating himself. I realized I couldnt hear him over the delta waves I had playing on the app. So I tried turning it off but the buttons were all wonky and unresponsive. Thats when I realized the app was in my dream and that I was dreaming. So With the delta waves droning incessantly consuming my dream I had little choice but to wake up and turn off the app for real. So for a second I was lucid that I was dreaming


I use this app most nights to help myself sleep soundly. Its been well worth what I paid.

Magical effect

Amazing! You wouldnt believe

It works

2-3 dreams a night that I can remember-this app is worth 100x+ what they are charging. Get it but remember to use headphones. Discomfort of headphones is worth the trouble to travel across space, time & reality. This is a high w/o drugs

Didnt work for me

Nice concept and the sounds are nice but I used it two nights and neither night did I fall asleep faster (or at all) to the program and had no change in my dreams, neither intensity or actually having them.

Didnt work

Im pretty sure shredding and smoking a dollar would be a better way to try and induce dreams than spending it on this app.


Im in the Air Force and have extremely stressful days and its hard to get to sleep at night, I tried this last night and the craziest dreams, it was awesome. Sooo worth the money.

The best sleep program, ever!

I work nights. The rest of the family of course operates on a day schedule. As a result sleep has been a challenge. I have tried just about everything you can image to get to sleep, and stay asleep. I have found that this programs "Delta REM" sleep program is extremely effective. To be more precise, it "drops me like a rock"! I have never had an issue of going to sleep with this program. And like I said to helps me stay asleep, without some from of "drug hangover". Literally, some of the best money I ever spent.

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